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This past weekend, The ThrowbacksDasher Hatfield and Sugar Dunkerton – made quite the impression on the fans in their debut weekend as a team. In Easton, they had quite the shocking performance in the four-way elimination tag, as they knocked out Icarus and Chuck Taylor. F.I.S.T. were rightfully frustrated with getting caught up in a loss to a brand new team and demanded a one-on-one matchup next month in Easton at “Throwing Life’s Instructions Away”. Will F.I.S.T. get their revenge on the all-star squad, or can the Throwbacks sink this one for two points on their quest towards the Campeonatos de Parejas?

- CHIKARA “Throwing Life’s Instructions Away”
November 21, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA
1. Chuck Taylor & Icarus [F.I.S.T.] vs. Dasher Hatfield & Sugar Dunkerton [The Throwbacks]
2. Player Dos vs. Yujiro Kushida

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We apologize once again for being incredibly late with this update; things have been going on behind the scenes with this site, so that’s sort of taken priority. However, we’re back today to play catch-up once again. Let’s dive right in!

“An Optimistic View of a Pessimistic World” ~ October 17, 2009 in Easton, PA

The four-way elimination tag we talked up last week has been filled out with two more teams looking to build up points for title contention. Dasher Hatfield and his new partner Sugar Dunkerton are going to get a prime opportunity to get a feel for one another on a huge stage, as they could launch from zero to three points in the first time they’ve teamed together. While the likelihood of this is slim, stranger things have happened in CHIKARA. Meanwhile, the fourth team represents F.I.S.T. – while the group already has three points, Gran Akuma being sidelined indefinitely has led to Icarus and Chuck Taylor putting their names out there for contention. This is the same duo that lost the titles for F.I.S.T. the last time Gran Akuma was out for an extended injury, so while they’ve been successful in the past, they’ve been known to blow it on the big stage. Let’s see how they do in Easton!

It’s incredibly rare that we get three title matches on any one card in wrestling (well, aside from the WWE, but having a hundred belts diminishes the significance of such an event), but Easton is going to get that honor in October as Mike Quackenbush defends his NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship against Sal Rinauro. Rinauro was incredibly cocky in making the claim in Nashua for Smart Mark’s cameras that he was going to come to CHIKARA, take Quackenbush’s title and run CHIKARA his way. Quack never backs down from a challenge, and as such, we’ve got this matchup!

“Cibernetico Incredible” ~ October 18, 2009 in Philadelphia, PA

The batting order for this year’s Torneo Cibernetico has been determined by team captains Fire Ant and Soldier Ant, and the opening go around the rotation sees some interesting matchups. Starting off the match will be Fire and Mike Quackenbush, who have not been opposite each other in the ring since May of 2007 when Quack put Fire Ant away in a trios matchup with a top rope Tiger Driver. After that will be Hallowicked and Jigsaw, a storied competitive rivalry between two of the top students that dates back many years. There’s also a chance that an early tag out will also see a very early matchup between both members of the Super Smash Bros. and the Young Bucks, and another chance of a matchup like that later on in the first rotation with Green Ant and Soldier Ant, then again with Soldier and Fire. Not to pull a Gabe Sapolsky here, but this match needs no hype – 16 of the best wrestlers in CHIKARA squaring off to be “el Rey de Torneo Cibernetico!”

Sal Rinauro has another big challenge ahead of him in October, as he’s facing both trainers of the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory – in Philadelphia, he goes one on one with Claudio Castagnoli. There’s a chance that this could be an NWA World Junior title match if Rinauro gets the upset over Quack the night before. Could we potentially see two title changes in one weekend?

“Three-Fisted Tales” ~ November 22, 2009 in Philadelphia, PA

Another match that needs no hype – the Respect Match between Claudio Castagnoli and Eddie Kingston. The goal of the match is simple: beat your opponent until he tells the world that he respects you. Kingston wrote a very powerful blog claiming why he wanted this match, which essentially provides as a backstory to this match better than we could write in this space. Check it out!

We’ll be back more often with these updates. Promise!

- CHIKARA “An Optimistic View of a Pessimistic World”
October 17, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA
1. CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas ~ V1: Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [The Colony] (c) vs. Brodie Lee & Grizzly Redwood [The Roughnecks]
2. CHIKARA Young Lions Cup ~ V2: Player Dos (c) vs. Frightmare
3. NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship: Mike Quackenbush (c) vs. Sal Rinauro
4. Four-Way Elimination Tag: Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson [The Young Bucks] vs. Ophidian & Amasis [The Osirian Portal] vs. X & X vs. X & X
5. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Player Uno
6. STIGMA vs. Jigsaw
7. Green Ant & Carpenter Ant [The Colony] vs. UltraMantis Black & Crossbones [The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple]
8. Chad Badd & Brad Badd [The Badd Boyz] vs. Lince Dorado & Helios [The Future is Now]

- CHIKARA “Cibernetico Incredible”
October 18, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
1. Torneo Cibernetico: Mike Quackenbush, Hallowicked, Player Uno, Nick Jackson, Carpenter Ant, Lince Dorado, Cheech Hernandez & Soldier Ant (captain) vs. Fire Ant (captain), Jigsaw, Matt Jackson, Player Dos, K.C. “Cloudy” Day, Frightmare, Green Ant & Helios
2. Eddie Kingston vs. Ryuichi Kawakami
3. Ophidian & Amasis [The Osirian Portal] vs. Brodie Lee & Grizzly Redwood [The Roughnecks]
4. Dasher Hatfield & Sugar Dunkerton vs. Brad Badd & Chad Badd [The Badd Boyz]
5. Sara del Rey & La Malcriada vs. Daizee Haze & Atsuko Emoto
6. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sal Rinauro

- CHIKARA “Three-Fisted Tales”
November 22, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
1. Respect Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli

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You know the name of tomorrow’s event in West Springfield? Yeah. “Man Makes Plans, and God Laughs”. Well, God’s clearly a regular old Mr. Chuckles this evening because he has chosen to play havoc with this weekend’s cards. It was announced earlier today that Gran Akuma cannot participate due to an injury suffered in training. As a result, the Osirian Portal’s Campeonatos de parejas-related double jeopardy has been halved, as Icarus & Gran Akuma have opted to cash in their 3 points at a later date. This means that there is no longer any ambiguity: Nashua on Sunday will indeed see the rematch from “Revelation X” as the Osirian Portal of Amasis and Ophidian will defend their belts against The Colony’s Fire Ant & Soldier Ant. This marks the ants’ second title shot but their first under standard Campeonatos rules, as their previous match was a one fall contest.



However, another question comes to mind: What about the West Springfield main event? Well, there’s been some shuffling there too. With Akuma on the shelf, he will be replaced by fellow F.I.S.T. member Chuck Taylor alongside Icarus as they go against Amasis and Ophidian. However, unlike the previous time where Taylor had to replace Akuma, this will not be a tag title contest and will perhaps serve as a sign of things to come for the eventual title match. In addition to that, the singles match in Nashua between Frightmare and Chuck Taylor has been modified, as Icarus will team with Taylor again to face Frightmare and his mentor Hallowicked.


With Chuck now moved into the main event of West Springfield, this leaves an opening in another match on the card, as now Vin Gerard and STIGMA need a third man in their trios match against Lince Dorado, Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen and Mike Quackenbush. With Colin Delaney out of the picture due to his singles match with Dasher Hatfield, there is no natural replacement for Chuck. The mystery man has not been named as of yet as the rudos will be given a partner on the night via the infamous random draw.

We haven’t updated the site in a few days, but the main CHIKARA website was hacked a couple of days ago. The front page redirected to a new website containing a YouTube vide, while every other link was disabled. The video, which can be viewed here, appears to feature the mystery man in white from “Young Lions Cup VII: Night 3″, who states that UltraMantis Black has something that belongs to his family. Mantis must return this thing “or be destroyed”.

Promos from the Young Lions Cup DVDs are up here!

- CHIKARA “Man Makes Plans, and God Laughs”
September 12, 2009 ~ Elks Lodge, West Springfield, MA
1. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner vs. Grizzly Redwood
2. Hydra vs. Tim Donst
3. Brendan Michael Thomas vs. Frightmare
4. Player Uno & Player Dos vs. UltraMantis Black & Delirious
5. Green Ant & Fire Ant vs. Brad Badd & Chad Badd
6. Dasher Hatfield vs. Colin Delaney
7. Mike Quackenbush, Lince Dorado & Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen vs. Vin Gerard, STIGMA & X
8. Hallowicked vs. Claudio Castagnoli
9. Amasis & Ophidian vs. Icarus & Chuck Taylor

- CHIKARA “Hidden in Plain Sight”
September 13, 2009 ~ Boys and Girls Club, Nashua, NH
1. Sara Del Rey vs. Ariel
2. Icarus & Chuck Taylor vs. Frightmare & Hallowicked
3. UltraMantis Black & Delirious vs. Eddie Kingston & Grizzly Redwood
4. Green Ant, Carpenter Ant, Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen, Lince Dorado & Dasher Hatfield vs. Jagged, Shane Matthews, Vin Gerard, Colin Delaney & STIGMA
5. Vökoder vs. Tim Donst
6. CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Title Match ~ V1: Player Dos vs. Player Uno
7. Jigsaw & Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson
8. CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas Match ~ V4: Amasis & Ophidian vs. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant

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As the West Springfield card approaches completion, it’s only appropriate that the card plays host to a trios match, one of CHIKARA’s signature bouts. Despite earlier concerns following the cancellation of the Quacksaw vs. Incoherence tag match, Mike Quackenbush will indeed be in the house, teaming with Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen and Lince Dorado of The Future Is Now against the rudo triad of Chuck Taylor and UnStable members Vin Gerard and STIGMA. The issues between Quack and STIGMA have been well-documented, even though they still to this day hold 3 points and could theoretically challenge for los Campeonatos de Parejas. However, there’s a few other issues in this one. For Lince Dorado and Equinox, this is their chance to gain some payback on Chuck Taylor for him robbing them in the semi-finals of King of Trios when he fouled and pinned Helios. It also revives the TFIN vs. UnStable feud, more specifically Equinox vs. Vin Gerard, well known for their epic ladder match in January.

The Young Lions Cup DVDs are now on sale. Buy them.

A new blog by Leonard F. Chikarason announces a few things. Firstly, Nick Papgiorgio has been benched for 30 days after a couple of controversial calls this year. Furthermore, Eddie Kingston and Claudio Castagnoli will have a rematch after the abrupt finish to their match on the third night of the Young Lions Cup. And lastly, he suggests that this year’s Cibernetico may be increible-themed, as the show title implies!

CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go #177 has Incoherence vs. the Masters of a Thousand Holds and the UnStable vs. The Cold Front.

- CHIKARA “Man Makes Plans, and God Laughs”
September 12, 2009 ~ Elks Lodge, West Springfield, MA
1. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner vs. Grizzly Redwood
2. Hydra vs. Tim Donst
3. Brendan Michael Thomas vs. Frightmare
4. Player Uno & Player Dos vs. UltraMantis Black & Delirious
5. Dasher Hatfield vs. Colin Delaney
6. Mike Quackenbush, Lince Dorado & Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen vs. Chuck Taylor, Vin Gerard & STIGMA
7. Hallowicked vs. Claudio Castagnoli
8. CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas Match ~ V4: Amasis & Ophidian vs. Icarus & Gran Akuma

- CHIKARA “Hidden in Plain Sight”
September 13, 2009 ~ Boys and Girls Club, Nashua, NH
1. Sara Del Rey vs. Ariel
2. Chuck Taylor vs. Frightmare
3. UltraMantis Black & Delirious vs. Eddie Kingston & Grizzly Redwood
4. Green Ant, Carpenter Ant, Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen, Lince Dorado & Dasher Hatfield vs. Jagged, Shane Matthews, Vin Gerard, Colin Delaney & STIGMA
5. Jigsaw & Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson
6. CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas Match ~ V5/V1: Winner of Amasis & Ophidian/Icarus & Gran Akuma vs. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant

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The trend of singles matches for the upcoming New England weekend is continuing as the latest match added to the Nashua show pits one of CHIKARA’s fastest-rising young lions up against a former Young Lions Cup champion: Incoherence member Frightmare will be wrestling F.I.S.T. member Chuck Taylor. This is perhaps Frightmare’s biggest singles match to date in CHIKARA and it’s probably the best chance for him to pick up a win considering Chuck’s recent luck in big matches, most notably the Aniversario Yang match where he was shaved bald. However, Chuck is no stranger to young, nimble high-flyers considering his past victories over the likes of Ricochet and he’d surely love to stop the rookie in his tracks.

Also announced on the CHIKARA Twitter is that Bryan Danielson will be making one final stop in CHIKARA before heading off to the WWE. “The American Dragon” will be wrestling in Connecticut on September 12 so that means he could be participating on the September 13 show in Nashua. This will be Danielson’s return to CHIKARA after his ace debut at the 2009 King of Trios where he, Dave Taylor and Claudio Castagnoli went to the finals before Chuck Taylor made Danielson submit to the Cross Crab.

- CHIKARA “Man Makes Plans, and God Laughs”
September 12, 2009 ~ Elks Lodge, West Springfield, MA
1. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner vs. Grizzly Redwood
2. Brendan Michael Thomas vs. Frightmare
3. Dasher Hatfield vs. Colin Delaney
4. Hallowicked vs. Claudio Castagnoli
5. CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas Match ~ V4: Amasis & Ophidian vs. Icarus & Gran Akuma

- CHIKARA “Hidden in Plain Sight”
September 13, 2009 ~ Boys and Girls Club, Nashua, NH
1. Sara Del Rey vs. Ariel
2. Chuck Taylor vs. Frightmare
3. CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas Match ~ V5/V1: Winner of Amasis & Ophidian/Icarus & Gran Akuma vs. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant

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It appears that the Soldier Ant vs. Carpenter Ant all-Colony clash has set a theme for this year’s Young Lions Cup, as the next two matches added to this year’s tournament pit even more tag team partners against one another. First up is a clash between North Star Express members Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz. Both wrestlers are extremely untested in singles competition in CHIKARA, but Corbin in particular has achieved slight success elsewhere, most notably defeating Arik Cannon in 2006 for the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight title. The other tournament match has a bit more backstory to it, as Hydra and Tim Donst will battle to decide who is the dominant Sea Donster. These two showed a bit of dissention in May following a tag team loss to 2.0 and Donst in particular appeared to be very frustrated, so it should be interesting to see whether these two hold anything back when put against each other.

Elsewhere on the YLC cards, the UnStable and F.I.S.T. will join forces on night 3 of the tournament in the Golden Dream 3-way trios match as Vin Gerard has recruited Chuck Taylor to team with him and STIGMA. With The Future Is Now & Jigsaw also completing a trio, now all that remains is for Fire Ant to pick his final man out of a selection of Arik Cannon, Max Boyer and Larry Sweeney.

And speaking of Fire Ant, he will be in action on night 1 of the tournament as he teams with Soldier Ant to tackle 2.0 – Jagged and Shane Matthews. This is a rematch from the “Duel & Duality” show last December where the Canadians failed to overcome the record-setting Campeonatos contenders despite using every trick in the book, including a handful of powder! However, this time around 2.0 come in with some slight momentum following a win in May over the Sea Donsters and a trip to Big Japan Pro-Wrestling. Also of note is that Soldier Ant could be making a big mistake by taking a non-tournament match one night before his match with Carpenter Ant, so Jagged and Matthews could look to take advantage of a potential lack of focus and steal the win.

CHIKARA wrestlers will be participating on the second Dragon Gate USA card in Chicago on 9/6. Mike Quackenbush has been added to the card, as will be the wrestler who scores the pin in the upcoming Atomico on the debut show in Philly (assuming that it isn’t Quack who scores it). Other CHIKARA wrestlers should be announced in the coming weeks.

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII ~ Night 1″
August 14, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA
1. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [The Colony] vs. Jagged & Shane Matthews [2.0]
2. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Hydra vs. Tim Donst
Announced Young Lions Cup VII Participants for Night 1: Create-a-Wrestler, Prince Mustafa Ali, Lince Dorado, Jason Hades, Colin Delaney, Brandon Michael Thomas, El Leonino, Frightmare, Stinky the Homeless Guy, Grizzly Redwood

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII ~ Night 2″
August 15, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA
1. Lucha Libre Showcase: Mascarita Dorada & Turbo vs. Pierrothito & Jorge “Skayde” Rivera
2. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Soldier Ant vs. Carpenter Ant
3. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Darin Corbin vs. Ryan Cruz
Other announced Young Lions Cup VII Participants for Night 2: Yellow Dog, Cloudy, Player Uno, Player Dos, Trik Davis, Shane Hollister, Chimaera, Bret Race

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII ~ Night 3″
August 16, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
1. Golden Dream Triple Threat Trios Match: Vin Gerard, STIGMA & Chuck Taylor vs. Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen, Helios & Jigsaw vs. Fire Ant, Hallowicked & X
2. 4-Corners Elimination Tag Team Match: X & X vs. X & X vs. X & X vs. X & X
3. Mascarita Dorada vs. Pierrothito
4. Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli
5. Young Lions Cup ~ Final: X vs. X

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No new matches yet, but the CHIKARA website folks have uploaded a selection of new roster pictures to reflect some of the newcomers from this past weekend, as well as a few… identity alterations. Here they are!

ctaylorhd icarushd delirioushd greenanthd
L-R: Chuck Taylor, Icarus, Delirious, Green Ant

More information has been revealed about Green Ant following his addition to the roster page. However, it should be noted that since he hasn’t actually made his in-ring debut yet, almost nothing else can be said about him:

Green Ant – Resilient Rookie!
Affiliation: The Colony
Stats: 6′2” – 186 lbs. – 1 year experience
Style: ???
Signature Moves: Dropkick, Flying Tope, Small Package

Speaking of Green Ant, according to the CHIKARA spam a bag was taken from the Philly show last night after the event. The bag contained the ring gear of Green Ant. You can read the complete statement from CHIKARA by clicking here.

The fourth ant that debuted last night has not yet been added and hasn’t even been given a name yet, but he has been dubbed “Carpenter Ant” by several people. A cracking picture of him was taken by board member Bon and that can be viewed by clicking here!

UltraMantis Black has released an updated schedule on his MySpace page that reveals he will be participating on quite a few shows when CHIKARA ventures to Japan next month, as he will be wrestling on five consecutive days:

6/9/2009: Big Japan Pro-Wrestling ~ “D-DASH”
6/10/2009: Hama Pro
6/11/2009: TBA
6/12/2009: Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
6/13/2009: Big Japan Pro-Wrestling vs. CHIKARA

Hama Pro is a small promotion that uses many well-known BJW wrestlers under different gimmicks, such as Ryuji Ito, who competes for Hama Pro as Oriental Dragon.

Here’s an interesting theory about the masked man from the Philly crowd last night…

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Announced on the Big Japan Pro-Wrestling website and confirmed by, CHIKARA wrestlers will be participating on a small BJW show prior to the main CHIKARA/BJW shows. The show will take place on June 9th with a full match listing below. The Colony, Chuck Taylor and UltraMantis Black will all be in action. Mantis will be in singles action against Daisuke Masaoka, a young and impressive wrestler who came out of Daiwa Entertainment Pro Wrestling and has gone on to work for ZERO-1 as well as in numerous MEN’s Club offer matches. Fire and Soldier will be in a tag team match against Global Gauntlet competitor Shinya Ishikawa (known for his forearms of doom!) and Shinobu, a high-flying wrestler who has wrestled in numerous independents all across Japan as well as Dragon Gate. Finally, Chuck Taylor will have a singles match with Yuji Okabayashi, who competed in the Global Gauntlet last year.

A few site updates have been made over the last few days. If you check the profiles you should notice more and more moves pictures being added. Also being archived are blogs from the CHIKARA website.

June 9, 2009 ~ Yokohama Nigiwaiza
1. Masashi Takeda vs. Atsushi Ohashi
2. UltraMantis Black vs. Daisuke Masaoka
3. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [The Colony] vs. Shinobu & Shinya Ishikawa
4. Chuck Taylor vs. Yuji Okabayashi
5. Daisuke Sekimoto & Yoshihito Sasaki vs. Ryuichi Kawakami & Daisuke Sasaki

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A few days ago “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush announced in a blog on the CHIKARA website that he would be out of action for a period of time due to surgery on his back. In his final wish before leaving, Quack elevated his frequent sidekick from the student to the teacher and asked “The Wrestling Riddle” known as Jigsaw to act as a “mentor” figure to The Future Is Now: Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen, Lince Dorado and Helios. The third Young Lions Cup Champion has clearly accepted this challenge, as the upcoming Easton show on May 23rd will see Jig join forces with TFIN’s Dorado and Helios in a trios match. Unfortunately, their opponents will not be pushovers, as they will be up against F.I.S.T. of Gran Akuma, Icarus and Chuck Taylor, the 2009 King of Trios winners. The three will be in quite the vile zone one night prior to the big hair vs. mask match against The Colony in Philly, which could work in the favour of the tecnico trio. Will F.I.S.T.’s focus on the ants cause an upset in this match, or will CHIKARA’s most dangerous trio continue to destroy all comers en route to The Arena?

CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go #160, featuring Chuck Taylor & Icarus vs. Martin Stone & PAC and Johnny Saint vs. Mike Quackenbush.

Shingo Takagi and Susumu Yokosuka will be wrestling on the DGUSA debut show.

- CHIKARA “Aniversario Yin”
May 23, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA
1. Hydra vs. Grizzly Redwood
2. Eddie Kingston vs. Create-A-Wrestler
3. Player Uno & Player Dos [Super Smash Bros.] & Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [The Colony] vs. Ophidian & Amasis [The Osirian Portal] & El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr. [Los Ice Creams]
4. Helios & Lince Dorado [The Future Is Now] & Jigsaw vs. Chuck Taylor, Icarus & Gran Akuma [F.I.S.T.]

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Following the events of this past weekend, the main event of the second leg of the upcoming Aniversario weekend has been confirmed. Not since Mitch Ryder vs. Lince Dorado in late 2007 has CHIKARA seen a lucha de apuestas match, until now. The feud between F.I.S.T. and The Colony has gone too far, and as a result Chuck Taylor and Icarus will face Fire Ant and Soldier Ant in their biggest match yet in Philadelphia. Previous matches have seen fouls and mask attacks leading to disqualifications, but it wouldn’t be wise for that to continue as this time the stakes are particularly high. Not only are the bragging rights on the line, but so are identities. Chuck and Icarus will be putting their precious hair on the line against Fire and Soldier’s masks.

Icarus is perhaps the most experienced wrestler on the CHIKARA roster when it comes to this match type. However, his fortune has not been particularly good, as he has lost both his mask (to Blind Rage) and his hair (to Jigsaw). However, his one major win came at the second Aniversario event when he, Gran Akuma and Mike Quackenbush defeated Jigsaw and the Wildcards, resulting in both Wildcards having their heads shaved. In contrast to this, the other three participants in this match have never participated in a match with such high stakes. Icarus has been able to survive losses like this in the past but he’ll most certainly not want to suffer another one, whereas The Colony are well aware of the effect the loss of a mask can have on a wrestler.

- CHIKARA “Aniversario Yang”
May 24, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
1. Lucha de Apuestas ~ Double Hair vs. Double Mask Match: Icarus & Chuck Taylor [F.I.S.T.] vs. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [The Colony]

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