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The newest match to the final card of the CHIKARA season has been announced, and it’s one heck of an Atomico match that should be lots of fun. The ThrowbacksDasher Hatfield and Sugar Dunkerton – team up with Colony representatives Green Ant and Carpenter Ant. Their opponents? The UnStable and Brodie Lee. The Big Rig is back on the highway of destruction after eliminating Grizzly Redwood from the CHIKARA roster with one swift boot to the face. Everyone in this match has something to prove to move up the ranks in 2010. We’ll see who walks out on top in 12 days.

It was also announced by CHIKARA that there will be one mystery match unannounced for both season finale cards. Who will be in those matches? Find out first here when we do our live results!

The newest episode of CHIKARA Podcast-a-Go-Go, with clips of The Roughnecks vs. Incoherence and Claudio Castagnoli vs. Shadow Phoenix from “Behind the 8 Ball”, can be watched here.

Be back later today when we put up the promos from “Cibernetico Increible” for your viewing pleasure!

- CHIKARA “Three-Fisted Tales”
November 22, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
1. CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas ~ V2: Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [The Colony] (c) vs. Ophidian & Amasis [The Osirian Portal]
2. Respect Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli
3. CHIKARA Young Lions Cup ~ V3: Player Dos (c) vs. Lince Dorado
4. Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Jorge “Skayde” Rivera vs. Gran Akuma, Icarus & Chuck Taylor [F.I.S.T.]
5. Helios vs. Yujiro Kushida
6. Hallowicked & Frightmare [Incoherence] vs. UltraMantis Black & Delirious [The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple]
7. Green Ant, Carpenter Ant [The Colony], Dasher Hatfield & Sugar Dunkerton [The Throwbacks] vs. Vin Gerard, Colin Delaney, STIGMA [The UnStable] & Brodie Lee

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Yes indeed. Three more matches on the cards for the upcoming shows in just a couple of weeks!


The first match added to the New England weekend will take place on the West Springfield show and sees the new Young Lions Cup Champion Player Dos return to tag team competition alongside Player Uno as the Super Smash Bros., as they will be taking on Order of the Neo-Solar Temple members Delirious and UltraMantis Black. With many seeing the SSB as being on a collision course, the Order will be intending to rebound after falling in the 4-way elimination tag at the Young Lions Cup and taking advantage of any animousity or jealousy between Uno and Dos would have to be a primary objective. However, Uno and Dos cannot be counted out as they are former Campeones and have shown in the past that they can overcome any issues to succeed as a duo.


Secondly, Nashua will play host to a tremendously wrestle-tastic ten-man tag featuring a number of men who’ve never even teamed before, and a couple who CHIKARA fans are just getting familiar with, as The Future Is Now members Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen and Lince Dorado will be joining forces with Dasher Hatfield, Green Ant and Carpenter Ant against Vin Gerard, STIGMA, Colin Delaney, Jagged & Shane Matthews. While Jimmy and Lince are well-versed in CHIKARA’s signature multi-man tags, having wrestled numerous trios, atomicos and even Ciberneticos in their time, their team-mates are not so experienced. This will mark Green Ant’s third match in CHIKARA and Carpenter Ant’s second, and Carpenter’s in-ring debut was a singles match. Dasher Hatfield is not much more experienced, as most of his CHIKARA matches have been singles bouts and any forays into team matches haven’t yielded much success. On the other hand, their opponents are made up of two factions – 2.0 and the UnStable – and both are extremely experienced in this sort of match. It should also be noted that Green Ant and Carpenter Ant don’t appear to have been getting on well as of late, so they can hardly be considered a cohesive Colony unit. It’ll be the leadership of Lince and Jimmy that decides whether the tecnicos sink or swim in what should be quite the exciting little match.


Finally, the Order will also have a tag match in Nashua, as Delirious and Mantis will once again be looking to pick up a win, this time against Roughnecks members Eddie Kingston and Grizzly Redwood. This match is quite interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, Grizzly Redwood is currently one half of a championship contending tag team, as Grizz and Brodie Lee await the surviving Campeones coming out of the New England weekend, and while Brodie has often treated Grizz like a “little brother”, Kingston has shown little tolerance for Redwood’s physical inadequacies, often throwing him around and using him as a weapon. It is also a “rematch” of sorts from February, as Mantis has a chance to get revenge on the Roughnecks for preventing the Order from participating in King of Trios. Not only that, but it almost revives the Incoherence vs. Roughnecks feud, although Delirious being brainwashed changes the situation just a little bit. However, the most important thing – at least from the perspective of any Order fan – has to be that a win here and a win over the Super Smash Bros. would do wonders for getting the Order a title shot in the very near future. Both of their opponents in New England have issues, with the SSB perhaps having problems with jealousy and the Roughnecks not being on the exact same page, so Mantis has to think 2 points here are at least attainable.

- CHIKARA “Man Makes Plans, and God Laughs”
September 12, 2009 ~ Elks Lodge, West Springfield, MA
1. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner vs. Grizzly Redwood
2. Hydra vs. Tim Donst
3. Brendan Michael Thomas vs. Frightmare
4. Player Uno & Player Dos vs. UltraMantis Black & Delirious
5. Dasher Hatfield vs. Colin Delaney
6. Hallowicked vs. Claudio Castagnoli
7. CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas Match ~ V4: Amasis & Ophidian vs. Icarus & Gran Akuma

- CHIKARA “Hidden in Plain Sight”
September 13, 2009 ~ Boys and Girls Club, Nashua, NH
1. Sara Del Rey vs. Ariel
2. Chuck Taylor vs. Frightmare
3. UltraMantis Black & Delirious vs. Eddie Kingston & Grizzly Redwood
4. Green Ant, Carpenter Ant, Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen, Lince Dorado & Dasher Hatfield vs. Jagged, Shane Matthews, Vin Gerard, Colin Delaney & STIGMA
5. Jigsaw & Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson
6. CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas Match ~ V5/V1: Winner of Amasis & Ophidian/Icarus & Gran Akuma vs. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant

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West Springfield’s getting a fair few singles matches, so it seems, and the latest update will rematch the final two men in the first Young Lions Cup 6-way elimination match as UnStable member Colin Delaney will go one-on-one with “The Old Timey King of Swing” Dasher Hatfield. A few weeks ago Dasher romped his way through the elimination match, using his Grand Slam to great effect, and Colin had tremendous trouble in eventually putting him down as Dasher wouldn’t be pinned after numerous signature moves. It took a high impact move off the top rope to finally pin the former Create-A-Wrestler. Will Dasher be able to avenge his defeat and continue his upward momentum, or will Colin be able to save some face after failing to defeat Player Dos in the Young Lions Cup final?

CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go #176, featuring F.I.S.T. vs. The Death Match Kings and The Future Is Now vs. Team DDT.

- CHIKARA “Man Makes Plans, and God Laughs”
September 12, 2009 ~ Elks Lodge, West Springfield, MA
1. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner vs. Grizzly Redwood
2. Brendan Michael Thomas vs. Frightmare
3. Dasher Hatfield vs. Colin Delaney
4. Hallowicked vs. Claudio Castagnoli
5. CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas Match ~ V4: Amasis & Ophidian vs. Icarus & Gran Akuma

- CHIKARA “Hidden in Plain Sight”
September 13, 2009 ~ Boys and Girls Club, Nashua, NH
1. Sara Del Rey vs. Ariel
2. CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas Match ~ V5/V1: Winner of Amasis & Ophidian/Icarus & Gran Akuma vs. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant

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Wrapping up the news from yesterday and today!

Stinky vs. Colin Delaney!

Many accusations have been made regarding the personal hygiene of Vin Gerard and the UnStable, including numerous implications that they may in fact be homeless and perhaps even live in the many dumpsters across the state of Pennsylvania. We here at CHIKARA Fans couldn’t possibly comment on the matter but someone in the CHIKARA offices is clearly having a good laugh at the UnStable’s expense because round 1 of the Young Lions Cup pits Colin Delaney up against Inter-Species Wrestling’s hungry hungry hobo Stinky the Homeless Guy. Stinky may sound and look like a bit of a novelty character, a man to be taken lightly, but any ISW fan who has seen some of his battles against the likes of Flip (formerly of the “D. Burger” clan) can confirm that he’s anything but a pushover and Colin’s gonna have to be on form to roll over him.

Arik Cannon vs. Lince Dorado!

In non-tournament action over Young Lions Cup weekend, former Young Lions Cup Champion “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon will be in the house as he takes on the winner of the first DGUSA FRAY match, “The Golden Lynx of Lucha Libre” Lince Dorado. Lince will be taking a similar risk to Soldier Ant over YLC weekend by taking a non-tournament match which could hurt him if he wins his singles match and the 6-way on night 1. However, history is on his side if you look at the 2007 Young Lions Cup where Chuck Taylor defeated Cabana Man Dan and won the 6-way on night 1, beat Arik Cannon in a non-tournament match on night 2, and then defeated Ricochet on night 3 to win the Young Lions Cup. This also comes one night before Cannon takes part in the Golden Dream trios match where three of his opponents – Jigsaw, Helios and Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen – are team-mates of Dorado, so he could see this as an opportunity to find out exactly what he’s in for.

Create-A-Wrestler vs. Jason Hades!

In today’s YLC update, the newly-gimmicked Create-A-Wrestler will be in opening round action on night 1 but he won’t have it easy as he faces IWA-MS star and former Light-Heavyweight Champion Jason Hades. Hades will be out to make an impact in his CHIKARA debut but must make sure he doesn’t overlook CAW, who has looked fairly impressive in recent singles competition (including a strong outing against UltraMantis Black). CAW will also have to be considered a bit of a wildcard because Hades will have no idea what to expect from CAW’s new character, but Hades has wrestled some of the best the independents have to offer so you’d have to think that if he can connect with the Killswitch, regardless of CAW’s gimmick, it’ll be over.

In other news, two of the main matches for the second Dragon Gate USA card on September 6th have been confirmed, as Bryan Danielson will take on the Dream and Brave Gate Champion Naruki Doi while Shingo Takagi goes up against Davey Richards. CHIKARA’s Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw have been confirmed as participating on the card, as has the man who disrespected all of CHIKARA on Saturday, KAMIKAZE member YAMATO, so there has to be a strong possibility of a CHIKARA vs. Dragon Gate match involving those men.

CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go #172, featuring Grizzly Redwood vs. Create-A-Wrestler and The Colony vs. F.I.S.T. in a King of Trios 2009 qualifier.

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII ~ Night 1″
August 14, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA
1. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [The Colony] vs. Jagged & Shane Matthews [2.0]
2. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Hydra vs. Tim Donst
3. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Lince Dorado vs. Prince Mustafa Ali
4. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Stinky the Homeless Guy vs. Colin Delaney
5. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Create-A-Wrestler vs. Jason Hades
Announced Young Lions Cup VII Participants for Night 1: Brandon Michael Thomas, El Leonino, Frightmare, Grizzly Redwood

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII ~ Night 2″
August 15, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA
1. Arik Cannon vs. Lince Dorado
2. Lucha Libre Showcase: Mascarita Dorada & Turbo vs. Pierrothito & Jorge “Skayde” Rivera
3. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Soldier Ant vs. Carpenter Ant
4. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Darin Corbin vs. Ryan Cruz
5. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Player Uno vs. Player Dos
Other announced Young Lions Cup VII Participants for Night 2: Yellow Dog, Cloudy, Trik Davis, Shane Hollister, Chimaera, Bret Race

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII ~ Night 3″
August 16, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
1. Golden Dream Triple Threat Trios Match: Vin Gerard, STIGMA & Chuck Taylor vs. Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen, Helios & Jigsaw vs. Fire Ant, Hallowicked & Arik Cannon
2. 4-Corners Elimination Tag Team Match: X & X vs. X & X vs. X & X vs. X & X
3. Mascarita Dorada vs. Pierrothito
4. Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli
5. Young Lions Cup ~ Final: X vs. X

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Shane Hollister Bret Race Colin Delaney

Catching up with the week’s news, it’s only appropriate to update everyone on the entrants into this year’s Young Lions Cup of which there are three new ones! First up is yet another talent from the Midwest – Iowa, to be specific – and a wrestler that’s looking to follow in the footsteps of many of his influences, including Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Tyler Black. This man is Shane Hollister, a young man who’s worked extensively in the past for AAW in Berwyn, Illinois, and more recently IWA Mid-South.

Joining Hollister in the Young Lions Cup is quite possibly the greatest of unknowns in this year’s competition. Going by the name Bret “Restle” Race, even CHIKARA has said that they know quite literally nothing about him. They don’t even have a photograph, so this really does bring into question Leonard Chikarason’s research when it comes to YLC participants. He does however have a bare-bones MySpace page, and there are rumours circling that his name may be an anagram for one of CHIKARA’s more interesting characters. Perhaps the subtitle for this website’s message board is truer than first thought…

And finally, a regular face to CHIKARA fans becomes the penultimate participant in this year’s YLC: The UnStable’s Colin Delaney. This is actually Colin’s first Young Lions Cup despite making his CHIKARA debut in 2006 and he’ll be looking to join his stablemates STIGMA and Vin Gerard as well as his “baby brother” Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen as holders of the Young Lions Cup.

In addition to the tournament action over YLC weekend, night 3 of the weekend will see Claudio Castagnoli and Eddie Kingston clash in a continuation of their growing rivalry. Kingston will be coming off a short injury lay-off for this match – an injury forcing him off the upcoming Reading card – and Claudio has shown his willingness to exploit injuries to defeat Kingston in the past (see their March 2007 match), but Kingston has never gone down without a fight and coming off a win over Claudio at “Aniversario Yang” he may feel he has the momentum coming into this one.

CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go #170, featuring Lince Dorado & Helios vs. Gran Akuma & Icarus and The Osirian Portal vs. The Colony.

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII ~ Night 1″
August 14, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII ~ Night 2″
August 15, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA
1. Lucha Libre Showcase: Mascarita Dorada & Turbo vs. Pierrothito & Jorge “Skayde” Rivera

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII ~ Night 3″
August 16, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
1. Golden Dream Triple Threat Trios Match: Vin Gerard, STIGMA & X vs. Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen, Helios & X vs. Fire Ant, X & X
2. Mascarita Dorada vs. Pierrothito
3. Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Announced Young Lions Cup VII Participants:
1. Create-A-Wrestler (new character TBA) (3rd Young Lions Cup)
2. Soldier Ant (2nd Young Lions Cup)
3. Trik Davis (2nd Young Lions Cup)
4. Frightmare (1st Young Lions Cup)
5. Player Dos (2nd Young Lions Cup)
6. Yellow Dog (1st Young Lions Cup, CHIKARA debut)
7. KC “Cloudy” Day (2nd Young Lions Cup)
8. Player Uno (3rd Young Lions Cup)
9. El Leonino (1st Young Lions Cup, CHIKARA debut)
10. Hydra (3rd Young Lions Cup)
11. Grizzly Redwood (1st Young Lions Cup)
12. Brendan Michael Thomas (1st Young Lions Cup, CHIKARA debut)
13. Lince Dorado (3rd Young Lions Cup)
14. Tim Donst (3rd Young Lions Cup)
15. Jason Hades (1st Young Lions Cup, CHIKARA debut)
16. Ryan Cruz (2nd Young Lions Cup)
17. Darin Corbin (2nd Young Lions Cup)
18. Chimaera (1st Young Lions Cup, CHIKARA debut)
19. Carpenter Ant (1st Young Lions Cup, CHIKARA in-ring debut)
20. Prince Mustafa Ali (1st Young Lions Cup, CHIKARA debut)
21. Shane Hollister (1st Young Lions Cup, CHIKARA debut)
22. Bret Race (1st Young Lions Cup, CHIKARA debut)
23. Colin Delaney (1st Young Lions Cup)

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Over two months ago at King of Trios the major story of the weekend was obviously the rise of F.I.S.T. and their victory in the finals against the popular Team Uppercut. However, another notable occurance over those three days was the emergence of Super Smash Bros. member Player Dos as a true singles threat following an impressive showing in the Rey de Voladores tournament, where he pinned ROH star Austin Aries and took DDT sensation Kota Ibushi to the limit. Come mid-August, Dos is gonna try and replicate that success but actually go all the way this time, as he will be participating in this year’s Young Lions Cup. This will be his second YLC performance after he entered last year’s, a tournament in which he also came very close as he was the last man to fall to Vin Gerard in the first night 6-way elimination match. Not only that, but to earn a spot in that match Dos (or Stupefied at the time) had to defeat Jimmy Olsen – aka Equinox, the current holder of the Young Lions Cup. This will be Dos’ biggest chance yet to show that he is not the “nearly man” of CHIKARA and it’s not a chance he’ll be eager to pass up.

CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go #165 featuring Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli and Ophidian/Escorpion Egipcio vs. Jimmy Olsen/Lince Dorado from the Armdrags to Riches show.

Colin Delaney’s blogging and he’s not a happy bunny!

No real progress on the results front from the Japanese shows, unfortunately, but hopefully BJW will release something informative shortly. Piecing together bits and bobs from various Twitter accounts, it appears that all of the CHIKARA wrestlers were victorious on the D-DASH show (where Chuck Taylor wrestled Yuji Okabayashi, The Colony wrestled Shinobu & Shinya Ishikawa and UltraMantis Black wrestled Daisuke Masaoka), whereas on the Hama Pro show 2.0 defeated Shinya Ishikawa & Yoshihito Sasaki and Mantis, Crossbones & Buta Gunso (Abdullah Kobayashi) lost to Pierre, Daisuke Sekimoto & Western Tiger. Take them all with a pinch of salt until something more concrete comes out, though!

To keep you all at bay, here is an image of CHIKARA rudos making joyful yet evil faces in Japan.

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII ~ Night 1″
August 14, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII ~ Night 2″
August 15, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII ~ Night 3″
August 16, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA

Announced Young Lions Cup VII Participants:
1. Create-A-Wrestler (new character TBA) (3rd Young Lions Cup)
2. Soldier Ant (2nd Young Lions Cup)
3. Trik Davis (2nd Young Lions Cup)
4. Frightmare (1st Young Lions Cup)
5. Player Dos (2nd Young Lions Cup)

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Following last night’s CHIKARA Podcast Update the second match on the upcoming Reading card will pit Hallowicked, Frightmare and Hydra up against the UnStable trio of Vin Gerard, STIGMA and Colin Delaney. Incoherence are coming off the loss of Delirious to the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple so they will be looking to show the CHIKARA fans that they are no weaker as a pair than they were as a threesome, while Hydra’s regular team with Tim Donst has put him in contention with the UnStable on many occasions. On the other side of the ring, the UnStable have had mixed fortunes recently and a win here could turn that around, as Vin Gerard’s victory in Easton over Claudio Castagnoli has been countered by STIGMA’s loss to Donst and a tag team loss to Glacier and D’Lo Brown. Both sides will want to get back on track but only one will succeed.

May’s Aniversario events, Yin and Yang, have just been released on DVD with unique cover artwork done by Dave Perillo. The DVDs can be found at Smart Mark Video by clicking here and here.

A pretty snazzy interview with UltraMantis Black can be purchased for $2.95 by clicking here. Half an hour of outstanding UMB fun!

- CHIKARA “Never Kneel at the Altar of Conformity ~ Fan Appreciation Night”
July 31, 2009 ~ Riverside Beneficial Assoc. Building, Reading, PA
1. Daizee Haze vs. Rayna Von Tash
2. Hallowicked & Frightmare [Incoherence] & Hydra vs. Vin Gerard, STIGMA & Colin Delaney [The UnStable]

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Just moments after suffering a loss to Vin Gerard at “The Bobliographon”, former WCW star Glacier set down a challenge for the Gerard and his UnStable cronies, which can be viewed here. Today, that challenge has been made official. One month after that match in Philly, Glacier and Gerard will clash again, this time in a tag team match. Gerard will team with his UnStable mate “The Big League Superstar” Colin Delaney, while Glacier has made the call. On May 24th, former WWF Eurocontinental Champion D’Lo Brown will return to CHIKARA after getting quite the reaction in his debut at King of Trios! The entire UnStable has continued to mock D’Lo even after Trios weekend has been and gone, with STIGMA most notably shaking his head frequently this past weekend. D’Lo will be coming off yet another intense tour of Pro Wrestling NOAH where he has been wrestling in the Global Tag League, and he will not be willing to take any more disrespect upon his return to the States.

- CHIKARA “Aniversario Yang”
May 24, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
1. Arik Cannon vs. Ophidian
2. Vin Gerard & Colin Delaney [The UnStable] vs. D’Lo Brown & Glacier
3. Lucha de Apuestas ~ Double Hair vs. Double Mask Match: Icarus & Chuck Taylor [F.I.S.T.] vs. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [The Colony]

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Jimmy Olsen vs. Colin Delaney

The challenge was laid down yesterday, and now confirmed on the official CHIKARA website, on April 25th Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen will defend his Young Lions Cup against his former tag team partner and the man who betrayed him, the “Extremely Cute Wrestler” known as Colin Delaney. These two men have only wrestled once in one-on-one competition since Delaney turned on Equinox last September to join the UnStable, a match on CHIKARA’s debut show in Streamwood, which Delaney won following outside interference, so Equinox will be looking to make amends now that the title he fought so hard to win in January is on the line. However, as Colin noted in his blog entry, this is about so much more than the Young Lions Cup. This is a sibling rivalry between two men who entered CHIKARA together just over two years ago as the Olsen Twins, Colin and Jimmy, and that tension will all come to a head in the Palmer Community Center in just over a fortnight.

What’s slightly interesting to note for long-time CHIKARA fans is the parallels in this feud compared to the feud between the Conundrum members Jigsaw and Rorschach many years ago. Rorschach turned on Jigsaw to join the upstart Sweet ‘n’ Sour International (lead by the latest Young Lions Cup Champion Larry Sweeney), while Colin Delaney turned on Jimmy Olsen to join the upstart UnStable (lead by the Young Lions Cup Champion Vin Gerard). This eventually culminated in a match between Jigsaw and Rorschach on March 20, 2005 in Pittston, Pennsylvania, which Jigsaw won. Colin Delaney will not want to replicate this result by falling to the man he deemed to have become “weak” when Colin left for the WWE in 2008.


Also confirmed by CHIKARA after a number of challenges were thrown around a few days ago, former WCW star Glacier will make a first CHIKARA appearance outside of a King of Trios weekend to answer the challenge of Vin Gerard, the leader of the UnStable and a man who has quite a grudge against Glacier. One year ago Glacier made his CHIKARA debut over King of Trios 2008 weekend and competed in a 4-way elimination match on night 3. On that night, Vin Gerard won the contest, last eliminating Glacier, much to the dismay of the fans. Just a few weeks ago the two met again when the Cold Front battled the UnStable in opening round King of Trios action. The UnStable advanced, but Vin got more than enough of Glacier, who seemed to have a Cryonic Kick or two in store for the former Young Lions Cup champion. Engraged, Vin demanded a match with Glacier. Glacier accepted, and the match is on for Philly.

- CHIKARA “Behind the 8 Ball″
April 25, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA
1. Nevaeh vs. Shark Girl
2. Shadow Phoenix vs. Gran Akuma
3. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [The Colony] vs. Chuck Taylor & Icarus [F.I.S.T.]
4. CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Title Match ~ V2: Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen [c] vs. Colin Delaney
5. CHIKARA Campeones de Parejas ~ Best of 3 Falls ~ V3: Amasis & Ophidian [c] [The Osirian Portal] vs. Jigsaw & Mike Quackenbush

- CHIKARA “The Bobliographon″
April 26, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
1. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Mitch Ryder
2. Shark Girl vs. Sara Del Rey
3. Brodie Lee, Eddie Kingston & Grizzly Redwood [The Roughnecks] vs. Hallowicked, Delirious & Frightmare [Incoherence]
4. 4 Corners Elimination Match: Player Uno & Player Dos [Super Smash Bros.] vs. Jagged & Shane Matthews [2.0] vs. Colin Delaney & STIGMA [The UnStable] vs. KC “Cloudy” Day & Cheech Hernandez
5. Vin Gerard vs. Glacier

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Colin Delaney has just posted a new blog on the official CHIKARA site revolving around his Easton match, which will apparently be against his former partner and “baby brother” Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen – and yes, according to Colin, Jimmy’s Young Lions Cup will be on the line! The updated lineup will be posted when the match is made official, but for now, here’s Colin’s blog:

4/8/2009: The Young Lions Cup…the biggest singles prize CHIKARA has to offer. Held by greats from STIGMA to Vin Gerard. And now, being tainted by the grubby hands of my little brother, Jimmy, the coward hiding under the mask of Equinox. It makes me sick to see, so I called up the offices, I dialed up Leonard F. Chikarason, and I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

The former Olsen Twins are gonna collide at The Palmer Center in Easton! One night only, it might look like Equinox vs. Delaney, but underneath it’s Olsen vs. Olsen, brother vs. brother, man vs. better man.

The fans in PA were screwed out of this match when we locked up in Chicago last September – they didn’t get to see me pin baby brother’s shoulders to the mat, so lets do it one more time! Only this time…you have something I want. You see, beating Jimmy isn’t enough, because I’ve been beating Jimmy all our lives, and I don’t need to beat him again to prove who the better man is. I just want that shiny Cup he carries around. I want that Young Lions Cup back in The UnStable, back with the group that should be the King of Trios, and back with the group that (after April 26th) will have 3 points, and be on our way to having all the gold in CHIKARA. No one will be ignoring us then!

Little brother, come April 25th, I’m gonna beat you again. And trust me, it’s going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me.

Also, in DVD-related news, following the release of the King of Trios DVDs next week (April 14th, ladies and gentlemen), Smart Mark Video has agreed to reduce the prices of all CHIKARA DVDs from 2004-2007 from $20 to $15 for a limited time only. CHIKARA has said on the message board that if this proves to be a particularly lucrative venture they may try it more often, so buy buy buy!

Elsewhere, Glacier has accepted Vin Gerard’s challenge for a match later this month.

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