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…now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the 2009 CHIKARA Fans Awards!

After months of debate, nomination, voting, etc., we’ve finally reached the big day. The 2009 CHIKARA Fans Awards voting has completed, and we have the winners below. Enjoy!

MATCH OF THE YEAR: Kota Ibushi vs. Nick Jackson vs. El Generico vs. Jigsaw, “King of Trios 2009: Night Two” – 36%
Second Place: Chuck Taylor & Icarus [F.I.S.T.] vs. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [The Colony] (Lucha de Apuestas), “Aniversario Yang” – 32%
Third Place: Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson, “Hiding in Plain Sight” – 15%

Rey de Voladores has always been a tournament that provided for some spectacular matches in the opening rounds. Four way flyer exhibitions have their ways of mystifying the crowds. But when the CHIKARA office made the call to move the tournament to King of Trios weekend to take advantage of the sheer talent that would be available after the first round of the Trios tournament ended, no one could’ve seen a match like this coming. Four of the best junior heavyweights in the world today squared off and lit the ECW Arena on fire, not only giving every single person in the match a bit more exposure, but setting the standard that every CHIKARA multi-man match had to live up to for the rest of the year.
2008 Winner: Fire Ant vs Vin Gerard, “Young Lions Cup VI: Night Three”
2007 Winner: Chris Hero vs Mike Quackenbush, “Aniversario?”

SHOW OF THE YEAR: “King of Trios 2009: Night Two” – 39%
Second Place: “Aniversario Yang” – 24%
Third Place: “Hiding in Plain Sight” – 18%

For the second year in a row, the show with the Match of the Year also wins Show of the Year. You’d be hard pressed to find a better show in CHIKARA’s history than the second night of this year’s King of Trios tournament. The Rey de Voladores four-way matches. The epic rematch between F.I.S.T. and The F1RST Family. An awesome Inter Species Wrestling title match that saw the return of Twiggy to CHIKARA rings. Oh, and some match with some guys that did uppercuts against a trio of dudes that know a few holds. You might’ve heard of it.
2008 Winner: “Young Lions Cup VI: Night Three”
2007 Winner: “Cibernetico and Robin”

WRESTLER OF THE YEAR: Player Dos – 31%, 85 votes
Second Place: Claudio Castagnoli – 31%, 84 votes
Third Place: Fire Ant – 19%

In one of the closest races in CHIKARA Fans awards history, coming down to literally a single vote, current Young Lions Cup champion Player Dos is the 2009 CHIKARA Fans Wrestler of the Year. A man that excelled in singles competition this year, Dos really broke out and became his own man. Despite the tiff with his partner Player Uno, it seems that the Super Smash Bros. have quite the power in their possession, and perhaps 2010 will see the first ever repeat Campeones de Parejas and simultaneous CdP/YLC champion.
2008 Winner: Vin Gerard
2007 Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

TAG TEAM OF THE YEAR: Fire Ant and Soldier Ant [The Colony]
Second Place: Ophidian & Amasis [The Osirian Portal] – 24%
Third Place: UltraMantis Black & Delirious [The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple] – 11%

This year was undoubtedly the Year of the Ant. Overcoming incredible adversity – losing a comrade in Worker Ant, being misled by both Pinkie “Carpenter ‘Pink’ Ant” Sanchez and a Big Japan trainee, facing the challenges that both F.I.S.T. and the Osirian Portal gave – The Colony had their strongest year yet, running through the ranks of the CHIKARA tag division to win the Campeonatos de Parejas. No one else could’ve deserved this award, and we’re glad it went to the right team.
2008 Winners: Ophidian and Amasis [The Osirian Portal]
2007 Winners: Cheech and Cloudy

TRIO OF THE YEAR: Icarus, Gran Akuma & Chuck Taylor [F.I.S.T.] – 70%
Second Place: UltraMantis Black, Crossbones & Delirious [The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple] – 12%
Third Place: Fire Ant, Soldier Ant & Worker/Green Ant [The Colony] – 11%

Likewise, no trio deserved to win this award more than F.I.S.T. While they had their drawbacks in straight tag team action, with Chuck Taylor and Icarus losing their hair to the Colony, no other team competed better in Trios action than F.I.S.T. It’s fitting that the team that won King of Trios, making current WWE prospect Bryan Danielson tap out in the process, wins this award. Congrats to the friends in similar tights!
2008 and 2007 Winners: Fire Ant, Soldier Ant & Worker Ant [The Colony]

MOMENT OF THE YEAR: Das Brüderschaft Form, “Three-Fisted Tales” – 61%
Second Place: F.I.S.T. Wins KOT as Danielson Taps, “King of Trios 2009: Night Three” – 14%
Third Place:Hydra Says Goodbye, “Throwing Life’s Instructions Away” – 13%

The final moment of the year was certainly the biggest, as it was the climax to a whole year of speculation. Who were these men in white? What is this “war” that they’ve promised is coming? What is their reason for invading CHIKARA? What’s up with all of the weird events in CHIKARA with characters from “the future”? All the questions were answered, and newer ones were created, in just the blink of an eye, setting up what’s sure to be the focus of 2010.
2008 Winner: Fire Ant Wins the YLC, “Young Lions Cup VI: Night Three”
2007 Winner: Mike Quackenbush finally defeats Chris Hero, “Aniversario?”

PROMO OF THE YEAR: “I don’t respect you!” – Eddie Kingston, “Three-Fisted Tales” – 29%
Second Place: “I’m the luckiest man on the face of this earth.” – Hydra, “Throwing Life’s Instructions Away” – 27%
Third Place: “…” – 2.0, “Aniversario Yin” – 23%

It wasn’t a very notable year for promos in CHIKARA, despite it being arguably the best year when it comes to sheer storytelling. However, if you’re going to depend on anyone to cut a scathing promo that just about anyone can be riled up by, it’s Eddie Kingston. He delivered in a huge way at the end of the year, providing incredible foreshadowing into the moment of the year, and proved that he was the one that was right about everything in CHIKARA all along…that Claudio Castagnoli didn’t deserve the respect he got.
2008 Winner: “The world is cold…bundle up.” by Eddie Kingston, “Tragedy and Triumph”
2007 Winner: Eddie Kingston, “Maximum Overdraft”

“OUCH!” OF THE YEAR: Player Dos German Suplexes Lince Into the Steps, “Three-Fisted Tales” – 32%
Second Place: Chuck Taylor Retires Worker Ant, “If The Airplane is Snowed In…” – 25%
Third Place: Chuck Taylor’s Omega Driver Through a Table on Soldier Ant, “Aniversario Yang” – 20%

No words can describe it. Just read the description, man. Come on. You wanna take that bump? Didn’t think so.
2008 Winner: Shane Storm’s Nose Broken…Again, “Two Eyebrows are Better Than One”

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Sorry for the lack of updates up here as of late…we’ve been incredibly busy working on a new project that we hope to roll out within the next day or two. I think it’ll deliver on expectations. You’ll know when it hits! But hey, we’ve got a LOT of CHIKARA news to catch up on…so let’s do that!

First off, the schedule for the first quarter of 2010 has rolled out, and it’s a heavy one! While King of Trios has been confirmed for season nine, it’s gonna be a long road to get there as there are five big events in the first three months of the year that see CHIKARA expand into new territory and revisit some old ones! January 31st sees the year kick off in Philadelphia as CHIKARA presents “A Touch of Class”. Then, the convoy steamrolls through Pennsylvania in February as Reading gets hit with “The Mint Condition” on the 27th, and Schuylkill County gets its first CHIKARA action since Barnesville’s “New Star Navigation” all the way back in 2007 with “A World of Comforting Illusions”. Finally, fret not, all Lehigh Valley fans, as you’ll see the return to Easton on March 20th with “Wit, Verve and a Bit o’ Nerve” which is complimented with CHIKARA’s New Jersey debut the following day as Westville, NJ hosts “Testimony of Evil”. A packed schedule in the first quarter of the year, and we’ll have all updates on those cards as they roll out right here!

However, the biggest news from CHIKARA so far in the off season relates to both the ever-expanding Brüderschaft der Kreuzes and the future of Leonard F. Chikarason. It was announced that Chikarason has been moved to strictly commentary duty, as the election for Director of Fun for 2010 was won by none other than Dieter VonSteigerwalt, a man who the public knows nothing about except for his seeming affiliation with the Brüderschaft. What will 2010 bring under the rule of VonSteigerwalt?

The DVD’s for the 2009 Season Finale events have been released. Head over to Smart Mark Video now to pick up “Throwing Life’s Instructions Away” and “Three-Fisted Tales”.

- CHIKARA “A Touch of Class”
January 31, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA

- CHIKARA “The Mint Condition”
February 27, 2009 ~ Reading, PA

- CHIKARA “A World of Comforting Illusions”
February 28, 2009 ~ Pottsville, PA

- CHIKARA “Wit, Verve and a Bit o’ Nerve”
March 20, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA

- CHIKARA “Testimony of Evil”
March 21, 2009 ~ Westville, NJ

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So there’s a rumor flying around that something kinda big happened this past weekend at “Three-Fisted Tales”. Something about guys revealing themselves, forming a new unit, maybe you’ve heard about it yourself. If you’ve been on our message boards since about 7 PM EST on Sunday night, you have to have heard the biggest news to hit CHIKARA in season eight – the Brüderschaft is here, and the war has come.

What is the Brüderschaft, you ask? If you’ve been living under a rock since Sunday, here’s a detailed recap of the events that took place on Sunday evening, provided by our message board’s Player Dos (not to be confused with the current Young Lions Cup holder):

Colony just won, streamers are going everywhere, everyone is standing up. The people leaning on the barricade where I was fell forward as the two BDK dudes push through the audience and get in the ring. Portal and Colony all pretty much sit down on the opposite corner, and they start speaking. “We told you a war is coming, now give us what we want”, (or something along those lines), out comes Green Ant and Carpenter Ant. Out from the back trickles out everyone on the Technico side of things, and 2.0 (they get their own category). Quack and Claudio slide into the ring. BDK men say “Don’t taunt me, you know who we want.” They point up to Mantis and Vokoder who are up in the commentation station. They look at eachother and come down to the ring, accompanied by Delirious. Mantis starts yelling at the BDK guys, and ends in the phrase “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE!”. The smaller BDK takes off his match to reveal it’s Ares. And with that, BOOM! Claudio nails Quack with an Uppercut. Chaos ensues. Literally, at first a giant brawl broke out. No one had any idea what was going on, I didn’t notice anything odd until I looked up to see Carpenter Ant choking out Green Ant. Looking around, Claudio beating on people, Vokoder choking out Mantis, and Death Haze putting the beat down on people. Haze, Del Rey, Claudio, Carpenter, Vokoder, Ares, and the big BDK guy stand in the ring. In a triangle format. First, Carpenter demasks himself to reveal it’s Pinkie Sanchez, (on a side note, his hair is completely brown, and he had a sick look on his face), then Vokoder reveals himself to be Donst. They all do a salute, the bigger still masked BDK guy then pulls out a remote, and the lights go out. They alliance then fleds the arena, the lights come back on, and everyone (including Chikarason and Louden Noxious) were laid out. They get help to the back, and the show ends.

Since then, Claudio Castagnoli has posted a video message, which you can see here, which states the name of the unit and that there are eight members. Interesting, if you count up the number in the ring from Sunday…

So, as of right now, this is what we know about the Brüderschaft:

  • The name: “Brüderschaft” translates to “brotherhood” in German, so it’s clear that this is a unit that believes in solidarity and a “one for all, all for one” mentality.

  • There are eight members. Currently, we know of Ares, Claudio Castagnoli, Pinkie Sanchez, Tim Donst, Sara del Rey, Daizee Haze and a seventh unnamed member. The eighth member of the unit has yet to be revealed.

  • They currently have the Eye of Tyr. UltraMantis Black handed the Eye to Vökoder before he entered the ring to confront the BDK members, and as we know, Vökoder revealed himself to be a member of the Brüderschaft in Tim Donst.

If nothing else, this has proven to be an amazing twist in the history of CHIKARA. What season nine will hold in 2010 is something that we can’t even predict. It’ll be fascinating to see exactly how this all unfolds. Who will the Brüderschaft target first? Will the tecnicos and rudos of CHIKARA align to stop this massive threat? Where does the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple go from here? While a number of questions were answered on Sunday, a whole lot more were asked.

CHIKARA returns on January 31st to The Arena in South Philadelphia. Is this where the war begins?

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Season Eight finally launches off with today’s absolutely stacked “Revelation X” card in Philadelphia, PA! The first ever CHIKARA ladder match for the Young Lions Cup between Vin Gerard and Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen, a one-fall Campeonatos de Parejas match between defending champions The Osirian Portal and challengers The Colony, a qualifier for King of Trios between the Saturday Night Slam Masters of Player Uno, Player Dos and Create-a-Wrestler up against the Fabulous Three, the much-awaited debut of Canadian female wrestling superstar LuFisto, and much more! Join us later today at 3:30 PM Eastern when we get ready to kick off the new season in a big way; feel free to discuss the results with other CHIKARA fans in the discussion thread over on our forums.

Preshow Notes: As noted by CHIKARA officials on our message board, an issue at the Canada-US border prevented Buck Hawke, LuFisto and the Super Smash Bros. from appearing today. Their matches have been removed from the card; the other seven matches will be taking place as scheduled. Apparently Joe Hand took the heaters and lights with them when they split from the New Alhambra because it is cold and dark as all hell. Attendance is solid, around 350-375.

1. Gran Akuma & Icarus [0] [Team F.I.S.T.] vs Lince Dorado & Helios [1] [The Future is Now]: Justice Jon is your referee. Helios and Lince come out strong and fast, but F.I.S.T. snatch up Helios and start working him over with some really neat tag moves. Lince takes the lucha tag on a great dive by Helios. Future is Now hit some double team moves nowhere near as cool as Akuma and Icarus. After a somewhat sloppy exchange, Icarus hits Helios with a sick German for the win in 8:30. An alright opener, if a bit sloppy.

2. Hallowicked & Frightmare [0] [Incoherence] vs Brodie Lee & Grizzly Redwood [0]: Wicked comes out ready to go, rushing out to attack Brodie. After Bryce breaks up the action, Brodie and Grizzly gather on the outside only to be caught with a sick dive by Frightmare! The two short members of each team square off with Frightmare getting the best of the duel before Brodie comes in to bully the little guy. Sick suplex from Brodie, tossing Frightmare around. Big tag to Wicked, who takes it outside with Brodie. Brodie hits Wicked with Frightmare’s chain, but it’s too little too late as Frightmare catches Grizzly with a rollup for the victory in 6:06. First point for Incoherence.

3. Daizee Haze vs Sara del Rey: Quite possibly the 9,426th time these women have wrestled. Same stuff as all the other times, really. Not to take anything away from them though, good match. Daizee wins in 8:50.

4. Ultramantis Black & Crossbones [0] [The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple] vs Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw [0]: Jigsaw and Quack in neat blue gear. Quack grabbed Mantis by the arm early and repeatedly told him “Tell me what I want”; Quack took him to the outside and then asked him “Tell me why Cube wanted it” and Mantis finally responded by noting that Saget was behind it. Very, very interesting… Bones dominates Jig, hitting him with some sweet power moves. After getting doubleteamed, Jig manages to make a break for it and hit the tag to Quack. Those two with some sweet combos, including a disgusting double stomp from Quack on Bones. Quack with a dive on a chickened Mantis and Bones on the outside. Jigsaw hits the Jig n’ Tonic in 10:28 for their point. Pretty good, fun match.

5. STIGMA & Colin Delaney [0] [The UnStable] vs K.C. “Cloudy” Day & Cheech Hernandez [1]: The UnStable have entrance music now, generic dark rock song. Colin looking really good early on, doing some nifty lucha-esque stuff with Cheech. STIGMA was dumped to the outside and Colin attempted to save the day by attempting a springboard armdrag of sorts on Cheech, but was shoved forward to the outside on top of STIGMA and caught with stereo dives by C&C. Colin is back to old form with the grounded lariat as well. A really awesome sprint to the finish as both teams hit big moves, whipping the crowd into a frenzy until STIGMA and Colin hit Cloudy with a spike tombstone piledriver in 13:28 to put one on the board for The UnStable.

Intermission: Big announcement – it’s intermission! This was awesome, as Louden built it up huge, special music hit and Hydra came out with a sign that said “Intermission”. Fun stuff.

Fabulous Two Promo: Mitch and Sweeney call Claudio out, repeatedly taunting him. Chikarason comes out, reminds them that Claudio is in Japan, and notifies them that since the trios match is off, both teams are eliminated from King of Trios contention. He also informs them that they have a match right now…

6. Mitch Ryder & Larry Sweeney [0] [The Fabulous Two] vs El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr. [0] [Los Ice Creams]: Standard fare stuff, nothing too special early. Mitch is having none of the antics of Los Ice Creams, slapping the piss out of one’s chest after a butt pinch. The crowd chants “You’re a bully!” in response, and they repeat the sequence a few times over. Very funny, ends with the typical “Estupido!” deal since Mitch fell for the fake cries. Really fun match, Fab Two rack up the win after Sweeney drops a middle rope elbow in a little over 11. Fun and simple, really good.

7. Delirious vs Eddie Kingston: Delirious leads the crowd in a “King of Queens” chant. Pretty good match early on. Kingston dominating and keeping things on the mat in brutal fashion, including vicious knees to the crown of Delirious’ head. Delirious showing signs of a comeback with a 20 lariat Neverending Story, but King fires right back with 20 machine gun chops a la Kobashi. Kingston with sort of a Sliding D for two. Backfist into a Back Drop Driver seals the deal for Kingston in 11:43. A fine little match.

8. Campeonatos de Parejas Title Match ~ V2 ~ 1 Fall Match: Amasis & Ophidian [c] [The Osirian Portal] vs Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [7] [The Colony]: The Portal break up the standard title match photo with an attack on the ants, leading to a wild brawl around the outside to start things off. Both teams are coming out strong early, going for the one pinfall needed to end the match. Soldier Ant locks the CHIKARA Special on Amasis, Ophidian pulls him off into his Death Grip and Fire Ant breaks that up. Soldier Ant goes for a TKO but Amasis pulls out of it and plays possum with a knee injury…only to rock Soldier with a superkick when least expected. Fire Ant, hot tag, house of fire, you know the drill. Two of them knock Ophidian out of the ring and beat up on Amasis. All four men go for schoolboys in a chain to successive two counts. Twin 450’s from the Portal, two counts! Osirian Sacrament missed! TKO and Beach Break for TWO! Amazing match. Portal attempt hypnosis on Soldier Ant who fights it off and grabs Ophidian for an assisted Ant Hill. Fire Ant with the Beach Break for what must be the finish…foot on the ropes! I…this finish must be seen. Ophidian wins in 18+ with the death grip. So awesome. The ladder match has a lot of work to do to top this.

9. Young Lions Cup Decision Match ~ Ladder Match: Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen vs. Vin Gerard: For practical purposes, a Young Lions medallion has been suspended from the rafters in place of the Cup. Some really cool and creative ladder spots early on from both sides, including a sick legmare from Vin, sending Equinox’s face into the steel ladder. Vin is attacking Equinox’s leg hard out on the floor, using a steel chair to leave him laying. They bring the action back in the ring and Vin continues to bring it hard, hitting the knee with the ladder. Equinox makes a small comeback but it may be too late with the knee injury. Equinox ‘ranas Vin’s face into the ladder! Vin DDT’s Equinox head first into the ring steps, a disgusting sound! This may be the latest Equinox concussion. Vin removed Equinox’s mask and made taunts up to Chikarason in the commentary booth with the mask in hands. Vin climbs to the top, assuming Jimmy is dead…only for Jimmy to climb up the steps and scream “I’M STILL STANDING”. Vin climbs down to put him away; the two brawl on the ring apron…DEATH VALLEY DRIVER BY JIMMY ON A LADDER BETWEEN THE RING AND THE GUARDRAILS! Jimmy slowly makes his way up the ladder for the win in 23 minutes. GREAT MATCH!

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CHIKARA’s Season Eight Premiere!
January 25, 2009 at the New Alhambra Arena, Philadelphia, PA

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