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Less of a news day today, moreso a day for random post-show tidbits, website updates, pictures and other nonsense like that. Things went a bit lax on the update front last week, so I’ll mention the matches that were added to next month’s weekend in New England.


CHIKARA’s women’s division has been dominated by two women since mid-2006: Daizee Haze (see below) and Sara Del Rey. Several women have attempted to knock the two off their perches, ranging from Candice LaRae to Sassy Stephie to Rayna Von Tash. None have been successful. The latest in that line of ladies will make her debut over CHIKARA’s weekend in New England, as SHIMMER star Ariel will be looking to send a message to Sara Del Rey in their singles match. Ariel has wrestled – and beaten – some of the best SHIMMER has to offer, including MsChif, Nikki Roxx and Cheerleader Melissa (aka TNA’s Alissa Flash), so she’s going to be anything but a pushover. She also has history with Del Rey, as “The American Angel” viciously assaulted Ariel on SHIMMER Volume 19 following a battle royal before defeating her later in the evening. It’s the Dariel vs. the Royal Butterfly in Nashua!


The night before in West Springfield, the new town is in for quite the treat as Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw will be in tag team action against Incoherence, Hallowicked and Frightmare. On night 3 of the Young Lions Cup Frightmare and his tag team partner Turbo came up short against Quack and Jorge Rivera, but this will be the third high profile occasion where he has come up against his maestro so he will surely be growing in confidence every time they wrestle. This match is also quite interesting as it pits Quack against the old and new generation of his students, as Hallowicked was one of the first graduates of the Wrestle Factory and Frightmare is one of the more recent. It also revives the Jigsaw vs. Hallowicked rivalry from 2005 in a big way. Since that time Hallowicked has renounced his rudo ways, fighting for the forces of good, but old habits die hard and you’d have to imagine that, give the chance, both Jig and Wicked would love to prove themselves to be the better man once again. Expect fast-paced flying and submissions aplenty. Blinking isn’t recommended for this one.

- CHIKARA “Man Makes Plans, and God Laughs”
September 12, 2009 ~ Elks Lodge, West Springfield, MA
1. Hallowicked & Frightmare vs. Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw

- CHIKARA “Hidden in Plain Sight”
September 13, 2009 ~ Boys and Girls Club, Nashua, NH
1. Sara Del Rey vs. Ariel

CHIKARA released the full and official results for night 3 of Young Lions Cup soon after the conclusion of the event, and they also announced the attendance on Twitter: 393.

- CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII ~ Night 3″
August 16, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA (393 Fans)
1. Dasher Hatfield {W}, Yellow Dog & Player Uno (8:12 ~ Grand Slam) KC “Cloudy” Day, Hydra {L} & Tim Donst
2. Brodie Lee {W} & Grizzly Redwood (8:47 ~ Doomsday Device) Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz {L}
3. 4-Way Elimination Match: Gran Akuma & Icarus (18:31) Halcon Guerrero & Chiva V, Green Ant & Soldier Ant, UltraMantis Black & Delirious
- UltraMantis Black {W} & Delirious (12:37 ~ Cosmic Doom) Halcon Guerrero & Chiva V {L}
- UltraMantis Black {W} & Delirious (16:08 ~ Delirious’ Praying Mantis Bomb) Soldier Ant & Green Ant {L}
- Gran Akuma {W} & Icarus (18:31 ~ Schoolboy) UltraMantis Black {L} & Delirious
4. Mascarita Dorada (11:32 ~ Pequete Dorada) Pierrothito
5. Mike Quackenbush {W} & Jorge “Skayde” Rivera (14:36 ~ Quackendriver) Frightmare & Turbo {L}
6. Claudio Castagnoli (15:45 ~ Count-Out) Eddie Kingston
7. Golden Dream Triangle Trios Match: Fire Ant, Hallowicked {W} & Arik Cannon (13:57 ~ Super Fisherman Buster) Vin Gerard, STIGMA {L} & Chuck Taylor and Jigsaw, Helios & Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen
8. Young Lions Cup VII Final ~ Young Lions Cup Title Match: Player Dos (18:27 ~ Super Plancha) Colin Delaney
- Player Dos becomes the 12th Young Lions Cup champion.

Dasher Hatfield now has a profile picture among other things on the CHIKARA tecnico roster page. No Vökoder on the rudo side of things, nor has anything more been noted about the mystery man who distracted Mantis and Delirious on Sunday, but the former is extremely new and the latter doesn’t have a name yet and hasn’t wrestled, so don’t expect them for a while. Plus, Carpenter Ant ahead of them in the line. The Sea Donsters are still listed as a unit but it can only be a matter of time before that gets sorted out.

Much like the Great Khali, Daizee Haze would like some competition in CHIKARA. Two words: Cody Deaner. Him or former IWA Mid-South Women’s Champion, the neon-haired wonder that is Chuck Taylor.

Marshall’s got some YLC pics here and here.

Green Ant and Soldier Ant were rocking weird new masks after the show this past Sunday. Here’s a picture of Green Ant looking kinda like Osaka Pro’s Miracleman!

The final two weekends in the 2009 CHIKARA calendar have been announced. Both will be Easton/Philadelphia weekends (on Saturday and Sunday), as has become the norm in the last year or so, and the first of the Philly shows will play host to the annual Torneo Cibernetico.

- CHIKARA “An Optimistic View of a Pessimistic World”
October 17, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA

- CHIKARA “Cibernetico Increible”
October 18, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
1. Torneo Cibernetico: Team TBA vs. Team TBA

- CHIKARA “Throwing Life’s Instructions Away”
November 21, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA

- CHIKARA “Three-Fisted Tales”
November 22, 2009 ~ The Arena, Philadelphia, PA

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Welcome to the official CHIKARA Fans live results for the final event of 2008, “Duel and Duality”, live from the New Alhambra Arena in south Philadelphia, PA. A card loaded with grudge matches from top to bottom, it’s sure to be an interesting conclusion to the 2008 season. Be sure to join us at 3:30 PM EST when we go live for “Duel and Duality”.

Preshow Notes: Louden announces that Colin Delaney has not arrived to the arena yet; it’s hoped that he is accounted for. Attendance is around 300.

1. Icarus & Gran Akuma & Chuck Taylor [F.I.S.T.] vs Lince Dorado & Angel del Fuego & Chiva II: WTF Angel del Fuego?! Well, if there’s one thing for certain, it’s DEFINITELY the legit Angel under the hood judging by his wrestling. Lince taking the heat here, getting killed by Icarus with stiff kicks. Akuma comes in with some disgusting submissions. Lince gets the lucha tag to Chiva, who then takes the beating. After some fun exchanges of good little spots, Icarus pins Chiva with a shiranui.

2. Hallowicked vs Grizzly Redwood: Wicked is here and in seemingly good form after the attack on Friday that left him unable to compete. Lots of beard-clinched tossing early from Wicked. Grizzly showing lots of strength despite his small frame, chopping the big man down to size. Redwood went for a top rope axehandle but Wicked caught him with a Graveyard Smash for the quick pin.

3. Player Uno & Player Dos [Super Smash Bros.] vs Ophidian & Escorpion Egipcio [The Osirian Portal]: Another battle of speed vs strength for Scorp as he takes on Dos early, the former champion getting the upper hand with some swift maneuvers. He was eventually caught and trapped in the corner but swung out of the ring at moment’s notice allowing Uno to come in and light Scorp up with some chops. Dos goes for Final Smash on Ophidian, who reverses for a Death Grip. Uno suplexes Ophidian in the grip to get it off. After getting caught up with Scorp, Ophidian flies in high speeds around Uno, similar to a La Mistica, but catches the death grip in for the slow, painful submission victory. Awesome match, crowd was really into the finish cheering for Uno.

4. Hydra vs UltraMantis Black: Mantis is quite festive this evening, coming to the ring with a carton of vegan-friendly Silk nog. The two former partners start the match brawling on the outside, Hydra taking him around the ringside area and delivering a sick Ole kick. He attempted to follow it up with a running front roll but Mantis moved, causing Hydra to crash through the barricades and into the crowd, just making it back into the ring at 19. Mantis gains control, taking it to the monster and having a clear three count before pulling Hydra up to deliver more punishment. He does the same again after a disgusting headdroppy suplex. Mantis goes for a Praying Mantis Bomb, Hydra holds himself down only to receive three heart punches. Another attempt leads to a back drop which is rolled through by Mantis. Hydralock! Mantis tries every escape possible before getting his foot on the rope…only to have it locked on again for the win! Fun match. Hydralock in 7:39 to give Hydra the W.

5. Fire Ant & Worker Ant [The Colony] vs Jagged & Shane Matthews [2.0]: Worker Ant is on a crutch coming out, so apparently it’s Soldier in place. 2.0 come right out the gate giving it to The Colony, a distraction so Sabato can’t check Jagged for foreign objects as he pulled at least three or four items out from his trunks and out the under the apron in their corner. Shane Matthews and his Boston crab that “really tires you out” is the best gag in wrestling. After Fire Ant pulls off the hot tag, Jagged goes in his makeshift toolbox under the ring to grab a wirecutter to cut the turnbuckle off. Fire Ant goes headfirst into the buckle but kicks out at two. A handful of baby powder yields the same result. A wielded pipe fails to stop the Colony, along with attempted interference from the Portal stopped by Worker can’t keep Fire Ant from pinning Jagged for the Colony’s unprecidented seventh point! Awesome match, really fun.

Intermission. At 77 minutes, the first half of this show was shorter than the intermission of last night’s CZW show.

6. Drake Younger vs Eddie Kingston: Drake with quite the bandaging on his head after last night’s Cage of Death. Kingston irritated by the crowd’s Drake chants, threatening to hit a fan with a chair at one point. Drake with a wet willy early on, but the fun and games go right out the window soon after as the two trade strikes. Backfist attempt early but Drake ducks it only to come up with fingers to the eyes. Drake drops King on his head with some ridiculous deal for two, the hits a tope on King. A DISGUSTING lariat and powerbomb by King is exchanged with a German to the top of the dome by Drake. Drake’s Landing blocked, Kingston backdrop driver blocked. Back to strikes, SICK slaps to the face. Top rope Drake’s Landing teased, King blocks. Kingston wins the match with a Sliding D in 11:23, great match.

7. Claudio Castagnoli & Larry Sweeney [Swiss n' Sour] vs Mitch Ryder & Buck Hawke [The Fabulous Two]: Claudio seems to be having fun early, toying with Buck early before tossing him around like a ragdoll. Mitch finally had enough and tossed Buck out of the ring for the forced lucha tag, then beating down Claudio and letting Buck back in once he got the upper hand. Claudio gets back in control, attempting a big swing with Buck on his back but Mitch is far too heavy for both. Claudio goes for the tag and SWEENEY WITH KNUCKS TO CLAUDIO! The Fabulous Three were in on it all along! Mitch gets the pin. Absolutely ridiculous. The Fab 3 celebrate while Claudio lays out cold in the ring.

8. CHIKARA Young Lions Cup ~ V4: Vin Gerard (c) vs Equinox: Vin came out through the entranceway – perhaps the UnStable have gotten their own locker room? Equinox takes it outside early, laying it in with chops. Action heads back in the ring. Vin laces it to him before going for the mask. Vin with a Northern Lights 2K1 for two. Equinox makes the comeback capped off with a standing SSP for two! Vin with a CHIKARA Special, reversed into an STF by Equinox! Vin locks in an STF of his own with a sick legmare before that put Equinox on his face. Vin gets frustrated after Equinox grabs the ropes and goes for the mask. Ref bump – Vin fakes a foul and Equinox takes off his own mask while Bryce was down. Bryce calls for the bell, Chikarason comes out and announces he’s had enough of the shenanigans here. The match is ruled a double DQ and the Young Lions Cup has been stripped and is now declared vacant.

9. Mike Quackenbush & Tim Donst vs Colin Delaney & STIGMA [The UnStable]: Quack’s trying to get him some of STIGMA early but the UnStable are doing a good job of keeping him out of the ring. Donst with some wacky offense early, taking care of the doubleteaming before being knocked to the outside hard. Quack is left all alone as Donst is carried to the back by medical staff. Quack’s holding his own out there but continues to go to the corner – and there for him just in time is Jigsaw, mask and all! Tags in and it is all Jig, just completely killing the UnStable here. The crowd is absolutely loving it! Quack with a palm strike on STIGMA mounted and Leap of Faith! In 11:28, Jigsaw pins STIGMa with a Jig’n'Tonic for the win!!!

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After Ophidian laid out a challenge for The Colony in the blog (as seen here), many suspected that Fire and Soldier Ant would have to face yet another ridiculous challenge in their way to a Campeonatos de Parejas title shot. The team that not only won the Tag World Grand Prix in Germany but then won out in a four-way elimination tag match in Wallingford was quick to respond, though sending out a different combination to protect their points and ensure that they would get their title shot as it will be Fire and Worker Ant taking on Canada’s most professional tag team, 2.0. A lot is on the line here as both teams are currently off the board with zero points, so the road to the top may just begin in Philadelphia this coming Sunday.


CHIKARA “Duel & Duality”, 12/14/2008
New Alhambra Arena, Philadelphia, PA

1. Larry Sweeney & Claudio Castagnoli [Swiss N' Sour] vs. Buck Hawke & Mitch Ryder [Fabulous Two]
2. Hallowicked vs. Grizzly Redwood
3. Player Uno & Player Dos [Super Smash Bros.] vs. Ophidian & Escorpion Egipcio [The Osirian Portal]
4. Mike Quackenbush & Tim Donst vs. STIGMA & Colin Delaney [UnStable]
5. Drake Younger vs. Eddie Kingston
6. UltraMantis Black vs. Hydra
7. CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Title Match ~ V4: Vin Gerard [c] vs. Jimmy ‘Equinox’ Olsen

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Apologies for the lack of updates as of late, but here’s a bumper edition to hopefully make up for lost time! Hopefully that RIDICULOUS other site has given you more than enough entertainment in the meantime.

The Easton card will see a trios explosion as all three members of F.I.S.T. – Gran Akuma, Icarus and Chuck Taylor - will unite to face Ultimo Breakfast and the former Campeones de Parejas, the Super Smash Bros. of Player Uno and Player Dos. While F.I.S.T. have the trios experience, the tecnico squad are deceptively familiar with each other, considering Player Uno’s occasional team in the past with Breakfast’s alter-ego Create-A-Wrestler. This will also be Ultimo’s second shot at F.I.S.T. this year, as he was on the losing end of a trios match over Young Lions Cup weekend (with Sami Callihan and Steve Weiner as his partners).

Also added to Easton is a clash of two of CHIKARA’s more popular duos, as Jagged and Shane Matthews, aka 2.0, will wrestle the newly-surfed up KC “Cloudy” Day and Cheech Hernandez. Both teams clashed last month in Wallingford on opposite sides of an atomico match, but this time they will get their chance in a good old fashion battle for the points! This will also mark the return of 2.0 to the Pennsylvania area for the first time since a loss to Los Ice Creams last August, following appearances this year in Wallingford, Framingham and even Oberhausen, Germany.

With the earlier announcement of a Fire Ant vs. Escorpion Egipcio match, it seems only natural that Easton will see another Colony vs. Osirian Portal singles match, as Soldier Ant will have his crosshair firmly set on one half of the Campeones de Parejas, the venemous and vile Ophidian. Considering Ophidian’s recent attempts to goad the Colony into making some serious mistakes via the blog, Soldier will be attempting to make the serpentine grappler eat his words,

As confirmed in a video update on the CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go, “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush will attempt to make his ninth successful defense of the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Title in Easton as he will face one half of the Fabulous Two and a man on quite the singles winning streak, “Superstar” Buck Hawke. These two have clashed a number of times in the past, most notably a singles contest on night 3 of the 2007 Young Lions Cup, which Quackenbush won with the Quackendriver II. Hawke will be hoping for a different result this time around when there’s championship gold on the line.

Speaking of Quackenbush, he will also be looking to settle a good old fashion grudge as well as defend a title, as he will team with his student Tim Donst in Philly to wrestle two-thirds of the UnStable, STIGMA and Colin Delaney. In September Donst and Quackenbush fought a losing battle against Vin Gerard and STIGMA in a match that saw the return of Jigsaw to save the sekigun members, and one has to wonder what role “The Wrestling Enigma” will play following the events of the Wallingford show where Quackenbush gave Jigsaw his old mask back, much to Jigsaw’s confusion.

Another grudge will play out again in Philly, as the former Campeones de Parejas, the Super Smash Bros., will look to gain a degree of revenge on those who ended that reign in record time, as Uno and Dos will face the Osirian Portal’s Ophidian and new member Escorpion Egipcio (replacing the injured Amasis). Following the title loss to Amasis and Ophidian it will be interesting to see how the Super Smash Bros. react to this match, and whether Uno will take the risk of wearing his trademark game-pad shorts again!

Philly will also be treated to a big Young Lions Cup title match, as Vin Gerard will defend the cup against a man who defeated him a couple of months ago, that being Jimmy Olsen, aka the second Equinox. Olsen is coming off some major momentum following the aforementioned win over Gerard and also a victory in the Torneo Cibernetico, but Gerard is also coming off his third successive title defence, a win over Worker Ant in Wallingford, so this one could go either way. As a note of almost no interest, victory here would put Gerard level with Hallowicked (the first champion) and Jigsaw and one behind the all-time leader Max Boyer on the list of most prolific Young Lions Cup champions.

Also debuting over the season finale weekend will be the popular Ring of Honor wrestling lumberjack Grizzly Redwood, who will be wrestling on the Philadelphia card against CHIKARA veteran “The Nightmare Warrior” Hallowicked. Bearing a slight resemblance to ROH Wrestling Academy graduate Mitch Franklin, Redwood will aim to follow in the footsteps of other ROH students such as Bobby Dempsey, Pelle Primeau, Rhett Titus, Matt Turner and Anthony Franco by impressing the CHIKARA faithful and earning a regular roster spot, although to do that he will have to take down a member of the inaugural Chikara Wrestle Factory class. There has been no word on whether or not Redwood will be in attendance for the Friday card.

Aaaaand finally, a couple of new blogs have made it up onto the blog. As mentioned above, Ophidian has made a recent post goading Fire Ant and Soldier Ant. With the ants right in line for a shot at Amasis and Ophidian’s Campeonatos de Parejas but unable to take that shot until Amasis has recovered from his torn ankle ligaments, Ophidian has let everyone know that 2.0 will not be on the Philadelphia card unless someone answers their open challenge, and with Fire and Soldier currently without matches for that show it appears to be a clear attempt to get the Colony to put their six points at risk. Whether this proves to be a successful session of mind games is yet to be seen. Prior to that, STIGMA had also posted an entry to preview the tag team match on the Philadelphia show, mocking Quackenbush for his poor run of form as of late against the UnStable. He also demanded their next match be a tag team match because another rudo victory would at least help him advance towards a tag team title shot.

CHIKARA “Face with a View”, 12/12/2008
Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA

1. Super Fun Times Over-the-Top-Rope Elimination Style No-Holds-Barred Masked-Dudes-Welcome Battle Royal of Doom (and Honor): X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X
2. Cheech Hernandez & KC “Cloudy” Day vs. Jagged & Shane Matthews [2.0]
3. Hallowicked vs. Brodie Lee
4. Player Uno & Player Dos [Super Smash Bros.] & Ultimo Breakfast vs. Gran Akuma, Icarus & Chuck Taylor [F.I.S.T.]
5. Soldier Ant vs. Ophidian
6. Hydra & Tim Donst [Sea Donsters] vs. UltraMantis Black & Crossbones [Order of the Neo-Solar Temple]
7. Fire Ant vs. Escorpion Egipcio
8. NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Match ~ V9: Mike Quackenbush [c] vs. Buck Hawke
9. Jimmy ‘Equinox’ Olsen, Lince Dorado & Helios vs. Vin Gerard, Colin Delaney & STIGMA [UnStable]


CHIKARA “Duel & Duality”, 12/14/2008
New Alhambra Arena, Philadelphia, PA

1. Larry Sweeney & Claudio Castagnoli [Swiss N' Sour] vs. Buck Hawke & Mitch Ryder [Fabulous Two]
2. Hallowicked vs. Grizzly Redwood
3. Player Uno & Player Dos [Super Smash Bros.] vs. Ophidian & Escorpion Egipcio [The Osirian Portal]
4. Mike Quackenbush & Tim Donst vs. STIGMA & Colin Delaney [UnStable]
5. Drake Younger vs. Eddie Kingston
6. UltraMantis Black vs. Hydra
7. CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Title Match ~ V4: Vin Gerard [c] vs. Jimmy ‘Equinox’ Olsen

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Hot on the heels of the big Order vs. Sea Donsters tag team match in Easton, Philadelphia will see the culmination of a 3 year rivalry the following night as teacher and pupil go one-on-one. Yes indeed, the devious and cunning UltraMantis Black will face the man who he brought into CHIKARA in late 2005, the mini man-monster known as Hydra. Despite both being known for their wacky antics, considering UltraMantis Black’s violent behaviour towards some of his ex-partners, such as Mr. ZERO or Hallowicked, this one could show everyone a fresh side to the former friends.

CHIKARA “Duel & Duality”, 12/14/2008
New Alhambra Arena, Philadelphia, PA

1. Larry Sweeney & Claudio Castagnoli [Swiss N' Sour] vs. Buck Hawke & Mitch Ryder [Fabulous Two]
2. Drake Younger vs. Eddie Kingston
3. UltraMantis Black vs. Hydra

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As CHIKARA’s 2008 season wraps up, matches are steadily being added to the Season Finale weekend. Firstly, the Philadelphia card will see Larry Sweeney get his wish as he will finally be able to team with his former enemy Claudio Castagnoli to battle his former allies, the Fabulous Two of Buck Hawke and Mitch Ryder. With their past issues apparently resolved and replaced by wonderful hand-crafted t-shirts, Sweeney and Claudio will aim to both form a great championship tag team and finish things with Hawke and Ryder.

Also, the main event for the Easton card has been confirmed, as the CHIKARA Sekigun will battle the UnStable in trios action. The winner of the 2008 Torneo Cibernetico, Jimmy Olsen, will captain his team with Lince Dorado and Helios to take on the Young Lions Cup Champion Vin Gerard, STIGMA and Colin Delaney. With Jimmy’s sights set firmly on both the Young Lions Cup and revenge on his former tag team partner Colin, this match could be crucial in settling a number of scores down the line.

Finally, in site news, almost every page is up, with more features to be added very shortly. Included in recent updates are the most recent roster additions, Frightmare and Escorpion Egipcio.

CHIKARA “Face with a View”, 12/12/2008
Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA

1. Super Fun Times Over-the-Top-Rope Elimination Style No-Holds-Barred Masked-Dudes-Welcome Battle Royal of Doom (and Honor): X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X vs. X
2. Jimmy ‘Equinox’ Olsen, Lince Dorado & Helios vs. Vin Gerard, Colin Delaney & STIGMA [UnStable]


CHIKARA “Duel & Duality”, 12/14/2008
New Alhambra Arena, Philadelphia, PA

1. Larry Sweeney & Claudio Castagnoli [Swiss N' Sour] vs. Buck Hawke & Mitch Ryder [Fabulous Two]

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